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What WE Do

Repairs, Custom Painting, Tile, And More

We provide many different services, from painting cabinets to building and installing them. If it comes to kitchen cabinetry we probably offer it. We also provide trim replacement door replacements or modifications and built-ins, for around the house.

Keeping It Clean

We strive to keep a clean job site and pick up after ourselves daily. Any extensive project will create dust and altho we keep dust down, some can appear. 

time is money

We do our best to show up on time and prepared for the project of the day. Our efficiency is important in getting the job done right the first time.

communication is key

From the start of the project through to the end, we keep open communication. We work through emails, phone calls, and text messaging. We’re making connections.

We Have Over 25 Years Of Experience In The industry

Having a contractor you can count on can make all the difference. We believe in only the highest quality craftsmanship, and associate ourselves with the highest quality people. Like my father always said, if you’re going to do anything worth doing, you should do it right. A+rated and friendly, locally owned company based in the Southern Maine area.

High Quality Materials

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

Honest Prices

Detailed Estimates


You get what you put in and we put a lot of effort in. From start to finish, we care about providing wonderful service.



We give an approximate time to complete your project, most cabinet painting projects finish in about 3-5 business days.

Free Consultations

Schedule a callback from us so we can set up a time to come out, take a look and get you answers and pricing.

Our Wonderful Customers

Honestly, We Couldn't Do It Without You!

These days with the hustle and bustle, it's amazing that some of our customers went out of their way to leave us such great feedback. Thanks, everyone, it helps so much! 



We’ve Been Going To Work  Since 1991

At every step of the way we take full responsibility for the day-to-day workmanship and oversee everything from covering everything with drop cloths and plastic to moving furniture and painting. We care about the details and go above and beyond, down to the finest of finishing touches. You will see in the end results that really show.

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